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Dataotuan aggregates and analyzes the daily deal markets in China, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. More countries will follow soon.

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Dataotuan Deal Analytics
Help Daily Deal websites with deal intelligence
Help Analysts/Investors with market intelligence
Dataotuan Deal Aggregator
Recommend the best deals – to the Users
Bring traffic and sales leads – to Deal sites

Dataotuan Deal Aggregator

Dataotuan builds up (CPS) affiliate partnership with the Deal Sites.

Dataotuan brings sales leads to the Deal sites.

Deal sites pay commissions to Dataotuan based on the actual sales.
We help Deal Sites to reach more users through, as well as through our partners network. (See some partner pages below)

Dataotuan Deal Aggregator – Business Case

1. – partnership: is one of the biggest Chinese LBS platforms, set up by Shanda, the leading interactive entertainment media company in China.

2. Cooperation flow:

  • Dataotuan provides all Group-buying daily deals to Qieke through the Dataotuan API.
  • Qieke publishes deals on its website, mobile site and apps (IOS, Android, Symbian & Windows). Qieke users, based on their location, can easily view and buy a deal.
  • Dataotuan shares with Qieke the commission on the revenue generated.

Dataotuan Deal Analytics – Sales Tool

Dataotuan Sales Tool

Merchant Analytics
Deal site Analytics

Dataotuan Sales Tool helps Daily Deal websites –

  • to understand the competition.
  • to figure out where and what deals to offer.

Dataotuan Investor Tool is provided in the following ways:

Dataotuan Sales Tool – Merchants Analytics

  • What kind of deals are popular in a city?
  • Who are the good merchants? Where can you find them?
  • What is their daily deal history, including price, discount, sold count, etc?
  • Which merchants are your competitors cooperating with?
  • What is their pricing strategy to generate a popular deal?

Dataotuan Sales Tool – Deal Site Analytics 1

  • What is the market status in general and in a specific city?
  • What is your competitors’ sales & pricing strategy?
  • Should you adjust your pricing strategy according to market trends?
  • Should you change the products combination?

Dataotuan Sales Tool – Deal Site Analytics 2

  • Are you doing better than the average? Are you going up or down in ranking?
  • Who are your competitors? How competitive are they?
  • Which categories, which regions/cities should you focus on more?

Dataotuan Investor Tool

Dataotuan Investor Tool

Market Entry Analytics
Group-buying Entity Analytics

Dataotuan Investor Tool helps Analysts & Investors–

  • to understand which market has potential.
  • to figure out Daily Deal Winners & Losers benchmark.

Dataotuan Investor Tool is provided in the following ways:

  • What is the market status in general?
  • What is the estimation of the Gross Revenue of the main Daily Deal websites?
  • What are the revenue trends for the main Daily Deal websites?
  • Pricing trends & Strategy, category trends, location trends.