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<! [CDATA [This can be any html code]]>

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <urlset> <url> <loc> at-Shiu-Yakiniku</loc> <!-- Deal URL, should be unique and always directly accesible (Required)--> <data> <display> <website>Deal-com-sg</website> <!-- Website Name (Optional) --> <siteurl></siteurl> <!-- Homepage URL of Website (Required) --> <city>Penang</city> <!-- City Name should not include Province, District, County, etc, If the deal is a Nationwide deal,please use "National" as the City Name, and add "National" in the title. (Required) --> <title>51% Off Authentic Japanese Smoke-Free D.I.Y. BBQ set meal @ Shiu Yakiniku. Only $23.90 instead of $48.80 nett per pax</title> <!-- Daily Deal Title, If it's a National deal please indicate it in the title (Required) --> <large_image_url> </large_image_url> <!-- Image URL - Large Image url (Required) --> <tag>Restaurants</tag> <!-- Tags, Category Names: Restaurants, Services, Life, Shopping (Required) --> <startTime>1304640000</startTime> <!-- Deal start time means the deal gets available from this time. The above Unix time format can be changed into 2011-05-06 00:00:00. In case format change needed, please test that 1304640000 equals 2011-05-06 00:00:00. (Required) --> <endTime>1304985599</endTime> <!-- Deal end time means the deal is not available after this time. The above Unix time format can be changed into 2011-05-09 23:59:59. In case format change needed, please test that 1304985599 equals 2011-05-09 23:59:59 (Required) --> <value>85.00</value> <!-- Deal Value(Required)--> <price>13.00</price> <!-- Deal Price(Required)--> <rebate>0</rebate> <!-- Deal Discount Percentage. If the discount is 51%, write 51 (Required) --> <bought>3221</bought> <!-- Total Bought/Sold Deals(Required)--> <minQuota>10</minQuota> <!-- Minimum amount of Sold Deals needed before the Deal becomes active (Optional)--> <maxQuota>10000</maxQuota> <!-- Maximum available Deals to be sold, if there's no maximum, please use "0" (Optional) --> <tipped_date>1304672399</tipped_date> <!-- The Day/Hr/Min/Sec the deal has met the minimum number of sold deals to become active. The above Unix time format can be changed into 2011-05-06 08:59:59. In case format change needed, please test that 1304672399 equals 2011-05-06 08:59:59(Optional) --> <maximum_purchase>0</maximum_purchase> <!-- Maximum number of Deals that can be bought per user account (Optional) --> <post>yes</post> <!-- Send by Mail Y/N (Optional) --> <soldOut>no</soldOut> <!-- Sold out Y/N (Optional) --> <spend_start_time>1304985599</spend_start_time> <!-- The time that the bought deal can be started to be used. The above Unix time format can be changed into 2011-05-09 23:59:59. In case format change needed, please test that 1304985599 equals 2011-05-09 23:59:59 (Optional)--> <spend_close_time>1310774399</spend_close_time> <!-- End time of validity of the bought deal. The above Unix time format can be changed into 2011-07-15 23:59:59 In case format change needed, please test that 1310774399 equals 2011-07-15 23:59:59(Optional)--> <tip><![CDATA[CONDITIONS Non-exchangeable and non-refundable<br/> Not exchangeable for cash<br/> Voucher valid from 9 May 2011 to 15 July 2011<br/> 16 course Japanese Smoke Free DIY BBQ Meal<br/> Printed e-Vouchers must be presented upon redemption<br/> All the photo images are for illustrative purposes only, the quantity is not exactly for one person.<br/> Total quantity of BBQ Meat & Seafood is around 500 gram per pax<br/> Minimum two vouchers per purchase<br/> Prior reservation is strictly required, please call 6265 1004 or 9234 0067<br/> Walk-in will not be entertained<br/> Vouchers not valid for:<br/> - Alcoholic beverages<br/> - Ala-carte or special priced food items<br/> e-Vouchers are not valid with other discounts or promotions<br/> Purchased e-Vouchers are sent via email and can be conveniently downloaded as PDF after you have logged into your account]]> </tip> <!-- Important Additional Information about the Deal Rules/Conditions, for example, the time to reserve in advance etc. HTML allowed(Optional)--> <detail><![CDATA[HIGHLIGHTS 51% off 16-course Japanese Smoke-Free DIY BBQ Meal<br/> Appetizer<br/> Side dish<br/> Mixed salad<br/> Maki<br/> Sakana katsu (deep fried fish fillet)<br/> Yakiniku (BBQ)<br/> Salmon<br/> Prawn<br/> Australian beef (rib eye)<br/> Pork belly<br/> Pork collar<br/> Chicken leg<br/> Chicken breast<br/> Pork & chicken sausage<br/> Soup & rice<br/> Japanese miso soup<br/> Japanese steamed rice<br/> Dessert<br/> Ice cream /or fresh fruits<br/> Japanese tea /or fruit juice (free flow)<br/> Buy as many vouchers as you like! ]]> <!-- Important Additional Information about the deal it self, HTML allowed (Optional) --> </detail> </display> <shops> <shop> <name>Shiu Yakiniku</name><!-- Name of shop/venue/ location,(Required) --> <tel>629143</tel><!-- Phone number,Optional;[Area Code][-][Phone number] --> <addr>241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 629143 #01-03/04 The Village (opp. Jurong BirdPark)</addr> <!-- Address of shop/venue/location,(Optional); Please use the Following Format [Number][Street Name ][Country][PostalCode][Other info] --> <area>??</area><!-- Area (Optional) --> <postalcode>629143</postalcode><!-- Postal code of shop/venue/location,(Optional) --> <direction>Bus: 194,251 (Boon Lay MRT Station)</direction><!-- Directions,Optional --> <opentime>09:00-22:00</opentime> <!-- Opening Times/Days in the following format [00:00][-][00:00] --> <openday>Monday - Sunday</openday> <!-- Opening Days in the following format [day][-][day] --> <url></url><!-- URL/Website address of shop/venue/location, Optional--> <longitude>103.7097100</longitude><!-- Longitude of shop/venue/location,(Optional)--> <latitude>1.3204800</latitude><!-- Latitude of shop/venue/location,Optional--> <description><![CDATA[ Japanese Smoke-free D.I.Y. BBQ, an ideal and healthier way to cook meat]]> </description> <!-- Additional information related to the shop/venue/location, (Optional)--> </shop> <!-- In case there are more shops/venues/locations, please add them as well in separate fields --> </shops> </data> </url> <url> <!-- More Deals can be added according to the above structure --> </url> </urlset>

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