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Soph Released on2014-04-07 13:04:49
DO NOT purchase this deal, me and a couple of friends got scammed by RS big time. We bought 5 coupons in total, and were even thinking of upgrading to one of their photo packages, when we were informed that we were NOT ALLOWED to choose the photos we wanted, when it was NOWHERE stated in any terms or conditions in the voucher. When questioned and we demanded proof of this term they claimed they wrote on the voucher, they couldn't find it either, and then proceeded to say that oh because we put here 'BY RS PHOTOGRAPHY'. Anyone with a little intelligence at all could tell that they were trying to BS their way out of it. Of course you have to put 'BY' otherwise we wouldn't know which company is taking the photos right? That's not all. When we requested for a refund, they avoided all contact and responsibility. We sent an email to them, no reply. So we went through streetdeal, and we were told that they didn't reply streetdeal either. 2 weeks later, they sent us 5 images via NO MESSAGE TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR ACTIONS, NOTHING. Just 5 horrible close up shots that we could have taken with our phones since they look like selfies and defeated the purpose of shooting at a location with a nice background. HORRIBLE experience. DO NOT GET SCAMMED, your money is as good as gone.
randomgirl Released on2012-11-12 22:32:32
Bad service, the people did not do a good job! She did the front and left the back out! The wax was SO HOT, and she did not even try to cool it before placing it directly onto my skin! Was really unthoughtful! Area done was not cleaned and wax was left all over the place.
Anonymous Released on2012-05-01 14:51:29
Very disappointing. The crepes were extremely thick and they get orders mixed up when there were only four orders!
Foodlover88 Released on2012-04-07 14:41:58
Bought 5 coupons for their last promotion @ $22.80 per person at Changi Village but ended up paying close to $30 person after adding tea, towel, pickles etc..although they mention no service charge or GST in their FB. Can\'t remember whether I was charge service charge or not. But food wise, we were very disappointed. Their signature dish, cabbage chicken serving was small & enough maybe for 2 persons! and was totally off from the picture shown. For the price we paid, we rather go Long Jiang Rest anytime! Will never buy anymore any of their promotion again!

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