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Karina Released on2015-12-18 20:29:33
This is the worse hair salon I have ever been to here in Singapore. The staff lacks professionalism and honesty. I hope they will understand that to be in the service business means to treat customers with decency, courtesy and truth. They are not truthful at all. The way they try to sell other treatments/products is by lying to their customers. They could not operate in Singapore and we expect people to be honest here.
Michelle_Tan Released on2013-05-15 20:58:46
Awesome workshop. Techniques taught were straight to the point. Highly recommended.
Anonymous Released on2013-02-27 03:42:11
I purchased the Collagen Ampoules and after using it, do not recommend it. I've tried other oil/serum products and this is in no comparison to what this product claims to be. It did not do anything for me. Check the ingredients carefully (which doesn't give too much information) I wouldn't recommend spending you $22.9 on this product let alone $303. It is a inflated price and total rip off.
Lyniexp Released on2011-12-04 17:33:40
LC Korean Res. at 9 Tan Quee Lan St (Bugis) = Low Class Korean Res. Absolutely right!

Buy 7 coupons via a promo deal and suffer the worse svs ever!

Only one plate of each ordered dish was served so definitely, a no go buffet deal!!
So you paid the full amount, expect no excellent svs! Aka no servings after the first round of your orders. Multiple orders placed, but expect vegetables (literally) only as the cheap alternative. NO mushrooms & DEFINITELY no meat, prawn or other delectables! The cutterfish, octopus & squid, nv arrived.

The ambience is noisy, squeezy, oily. The stench of the place attaches itself to you thereafter.

My recommendation is, even for S$12 per pax, don\'t EVER visit the place!
Select a more worthy, satiable and satisfactory ambience with better delicacies!

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