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mickey8388 Released on2014-01-10 18:33:03
Bad experience, insist not to cut my hair and yet she cut and keep saying she will feel guilty for not making my hair nice and say will spoilt her mood. In e end I spent $25 on trimming my hair zz and I do not want to own her so I pay back. Worst she try to swipe my card . It keep saying network unavailable can anyone tell me will the money go through cos she tried 3 times. no paper out at all. haizzz.

Oh ya best thing is same as what you all encounter, hardselling me those thing I rejected it all totally. The girl name abbie ang still ok, but the rest of the male in the salon, either black face and one of the guy which do rebonding for me. did not do properly on my fringe, so I ask him to redo it he shouted loudly say your hair burn soon lah but if you want I do for you lor. and do until so unwillingly. And also if never approve their advise, they will ask you to sign a form they not responsible. and take picture of my hair. Gosh this is the worst salon I ever been. And I urge those who seeing this * Enter at your own risk*

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